What is Talkmunity?

Talkmunity is a seamless integration of people in Nigeria into a community of secured and private voice network irrespective of their location. Users must join this community to enjoy UNLIMITED CALLS across the community.


Which network provider is talkmunity using?

Talkmunity is powered by MTN Nigeria


How do I register?

You can register using any of our registration platforms – Website or SMS.


When do I get activated?

24hrs to 72hrs (Business days) after a successful Registration and Payment.


Is it a one-time registration?

Yes, you are only require to register once, but a monthly rental/community fee applies to all members.


How do I re-subscribe?

You can re-subscribe by using any of our payment platforms – USSD or Web


Who can I call and SMS for free?

Unlimited calls and SMS ONLY applies to members of the community (meaning the person calling and the person receiving the call must be in the community).


What’s the Price?

Each member of the community is required to pay monthly community fee of NGN1000.


What do I pay when I Call People outside of the Talkmunity?

A flat rate of 12kobo/sec applies to all calls outside Talkmunity (all network).


How long is it valid?

The community fee is valid for 30 days


How can I deactivate the service?

Note: Deactivation can only occur after 90days, By sending Sms to our Shortcode for service deactivation.


How I can remain in the community without being disconnected?

By paying your monthly rental charge on or before the 27th day of your service


Will this solution affect my normal call tarrif to non-member of talkmunity?

This solution will not affect your normal call rates to other networks or to MTN lines that are not in the community.


Is Talkmunity Location based?

Works Nationwide